The new trend in mobile application development…

The new trend in mobile application development…
new trend in mobile

The new trend in mobile application development came in the fashion-app

In the App Store, more and more application -oriented appears people are following fashion and just being paid to how they look great attention. These mobile applications will help with the selection and purchase of clothing, jewelery, prompt how to make a new makeup. In this review, we will walk through the most popular applications in a given category.

Gucci Style, Topman, Zara and other clothing brands

At the forefront of the application are certainly fashionable brands. In the App Store you will find both luxury brands (D & G, Chanel, Dior, Gucci Style and DKNY), and mass such as for example – Zara, Topman and many others. All applications are completely free and are inherently glossy magazines in electronic form where you can read news from the fashion world to get acquainted with the new collection, watch celebrity interviews and see the records from the catwalks. Tend to have a map of all applications boutiques brand has released an application. The information in the applications will be updated about once a week.

Women’s Wear Daily

Women’s Wear Daily – a ” fashion bible ” now in a mobile application. The most authoritative and the main source of fashion- news, daily reveals the secrets of the fashion world : impressions, news, backstage videos and much more.

Stylebop Shopping App and Net-a-porter

These mobile applications for people who love to shop online, without parting with your smartphone. In fact it agrigatory brand names in which you can find a lot of clothes, as if you went to the supermarket. Appendix Net-a-porter allows any thing sort by size, color, brand and other indicators. Find loved by a glance from Gucci dress does not take much – a mobile application Stylebop Shopping App allows you to save your favorite things in a notebook to keep track of their purchase when the opportunity.


Mobile app for iPhone -oriented young women to give young fashionistas share their own style, spreading pictures through social networks and commenting on images peers. The most successful and popular in the opinion of the editors and participants themselves photos get into the top -sheet. The application synchronizes with the pages of girls in install applications and Facebook.